As some of you are probably aware, I record and produce a number of podcasts. Wandering Monster is probably the most fun I have. I spent a little over an hour talking to Lemons Clemons and Charles Bernard about monsters. a subject that is obviously near and dear to my heart.

Each week we take turns picking a theme, it can be nearly anything, this week for instance, we’ll be recording an episode about multi-headed monsters. A super-soft pitch for me. When we started we would each bring a monster, any monster, from anything, and talk a little about them, and then throw them into a pot together to fight in a weird RP thing that I DMed. It was a lot of work, for not really a lot of payoff.

We’ve evolved since then. Since then we’ve got our own niches. Charles brings something from pop culture, Lemons talks about a monster from folklore and I bring the nerdy tabletop games to the forefront.

Instead of having them all fight we just sort of discuss why these themes play such a big role in humanity’s storytelling. Even then for a while, I felt like I wasn’t going deep enough. Charles researched the hell out of his monster in the context of how it came about, Lemons would talk about culture and history, and I would sort of just describe a monster from a monster manual.

So after a lot of thought, I decided I would try to pull in some historical significance with my monsters. The first episode I did this on was for the hanging judges of deadlands. Then I got drunk for our Purim episode where we talked about alcohol monsters. But this week, this week I feel good, I have a good grasp on what I want to talk about, and how the episode will go.

Every episode is better than the last, we are growing together and getting better.

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