“Baltisberger explores the visceral dark. He probes the underbelly of the demon, breathes in the acrid odor of fear and regurgitates it here in this book. Much of the work drifts to fall in layers of meaning. They resurface like silt in murky water, winking under a dim sun to create new currents of thought.”

Angela Yuriko Smith

“Baltisberger has an obvious gift for writing poetry. I find myself going back to reread specific poems because they stay in my mind. Not since Poe have I been so moved by horror poetry. This sophisticated collection of moving and horrifying poetry is a must for every horror library.”

Lisa Lee Tone

“There was a childhood book of poems that I loved very much. This is like those poems all grew up and started murdering children in their sleep…”

Reed Alexander Horror Reviews

“All of the poems… are dark, twisted, and full of imagery that will make you think, make you see and perhaps leave you more than a little unnerved. At first you’ll be shocked, then uneasy, then you’ll start to dig deeper. This book will leave you twisted.”

Roxanne Rhoads

“The story is completely entertaining, in a horror genre sort of way. Additionally, it has a lot of subtle depth for a novella. It’s a story about evil and the perception of evil—and consequently, the perception of good. The story doesn’t just entertain, it speaks to me. It makes me feel, it makes me think, it makes me cringe. I am becoming enraptured by Jewish Horror.”

Lisa Lee Tone

“Baltisberger is fantastic at descriptors! I felt the pain, suffering, and fear throughout the book. He made me feel as I was in the story watching as things unfolded. ”

Christina Eleanor

Deep, complex, timely, bloody, muddy, and violent. I took my time reading and enjoying this one.

Jay Wilburn

“A unique horror perspective on traditional mysticism layered with over the top action sequences leavened with moral thinking on the nature of sin and the inherent value in mankind itself.”

Paul Lubaczewsky