John Baltisberger

The Mad Austin Poet, when not writing Kaiju Horror poetry, I can be found reading through the slush piles and submissions as the editor of Madness Heart Press. I spend my time squirreled away fervently working on the next book, only taking breaks to record episodes of Madness Heart Radio and Wandering Monster, or to eat, or to play with puppies. I live with my patient and gorgeous wife Desiree, and maniacal and powerful daughter Aziza.

Kaiju Poet

I’m a little obsessed with Kaiju, those massive city-destroying beasts like Godzilla and Gamera. While working on my first poetry collection, The Configuration Discordant, I wrote a chapter about a bunch of Kaiju native to Texas converging on Austin to fight. I’ve written a lot of poetry about Kaiju since. And if you catch me at a live event, I’ll write something with the city you love (or hate) being destroyed.

Writing Niche Weirdness

I write horror, which isn’t that niche, dark fantasy, sci-fi, and urban fantasy are all things that you can find all over the place, sure. But I also bring some personal things to those genres.

As I mention on the other side of the page, I write Kaiju poetry, I also write Jewish horror, and on occasion Jewish Kaiju horror poetry. My goal is to create my own niche and offer you all something new.

Of course, I write other stuff too. I’ve heavily influenced by writers like Lovecraft, Howard, Abnett, and Barker. It’s important to me, that I never stifle myself with labels that create boundaries around what I can write. I’ve found that formats can be fun, but at the end of the story, what matters is the story we tell, not the labels we add to it.